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Yogurt Bark – A Healthy Snack the Kids Will Love

If you are looking for a healthy kid's snack this is a simple recipe will save the day. It's so quick and easy to make but best part about it is that the options and flavor combinations are endless. It's the prefect combination between sweet and salty, and the kids...

Avocado Mousse

Avocado Mousse If you are looking for a fruit that is packed full of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of all of those good fats, avocados are your answer! They will not only give your children all the essential nutrients they need, they will also keep them...

Versatile Veggie Salad

Loaded Veggie Salad If you are looking to get your fill of veggies without having to do a ton of chopping and dicing, this salad is for you! This is not only delicious but incredibly healthy and versatile. It can be simply eaten by itself, it can be a  topping for a...

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