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Sweet Turkey Salad (RA) Day 8

14-Day REBOOT - Day Eight Lunch This meal is a reason to celebrate. The Turkey Dinner that you already made, is now the featured ingredient in your lunch today. We are calling this a ROUND TWO MEAL because it takes the efforts of one meal and multiplies itself. I love...

Red Curry Chicken (RA) Day 7

14-Day REBOOT - Day Seven Dinner This recipe is hearty and delicious. I love the depth of flavor these ingredients bring and the instructions are minimum. It will taste like fine dining without the reservation. They always say to eat your colors, and this list of...

Grilled Chicken Marinade

14-Day REBOOT - Day One Dinner The first meal that kicks off your 14-Day REBOOT is simple and quick. But I'm not sure you're prepared for how delicious this is! This chicken marinade is basic, but oh so tasty. When grilled, the outside gets toasty grill marks and the...

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