Meet Dr. Serrano

My friends and family say I have two speeds: “go” and “sleep”. There is no in between. My wife has grown to love my fast-paced days and the fact that I fall asleep in less time than it takes her to turn off the lights. I like to make the minutes in my life count.
I start my days before the sun comes up. There is something special about preparing early in the morning with scripture, prayer, and a little sweat in my makeshift garage gym. I am part of the “5:00 a.m. club” as they say. Then and only then, am I fully ready to serve my God, my family, and my community.
Dr. Raul Serrano
I live with a purpose and a passion for teaching people the true principles of health and healing. No one wants to live with chronic disease, sick, suffering, in pain and taking medications. But why do so many of us end up there? I believe it is because we are never taught the principles of health and healing, and more importantly, we are not taught how to apply these principles to our lives.

There are two approaches to health: you can sit back and wait until disease happens and fight the symptoms, or you can stop fighting disease and begin building health. Ultimately this is what we all want, to build health so you can reverse disease or better yet, never develop disease in the first place. This is what drives everything I do, giving people HOPE, giving them actionable steps to HEAL and ultimately allow them to connect with their purpose and be fully RESTORED!

Click on the video above to hear my story and why I’m so passionate about helping and serving others. I would also love to know your story, send me an email with your story so we can connect and I can know how to better serve you.