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Memory Boost: Top 10 Brain Foods that Boost Your Memory and Focus

By: Dr. Raul Serrano
We know that what we eat affects our bodies, but what if I told you that what you eat can affect your memory? What if I told you that your secret weapon to focus and remembering facts and information is in what you eat? Scientist are discovering more and more information about how certain foods help our brains. Let me give you some facts...

Top 8 Nutrients That Your Body Needs Right Now

By: Dr. Raul Serrano
There is so much information out there telling you what nutrients you need, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed. Today, I am breaking it down for you to give you the top 8 nutrients your body needs right now for optimal performance. Whether you are sick with the flu, fighting inflammation, or needing to lose weight, these 8 nutrients will help your body do exactly what it was created to do.

Chocolate Health Benefits

By: Dr. Raul Serrano
All chocolate lovers rejoice! There is scientific proven health benefits to eating your favorite treat. But first, I must say that chocolate is not all created equal. The good kind, the healthy kind, the Dr. Serrano approved kind is also known as a “superfood”. Chocolate health benefits are real, but it comes down to moderation and quality of the product. The health benefits of processed, highly sweetened commercial chocolate are slim to none, but the health benefits of natural dark cocoa are many.

Good Food = Good Mood

By: Dr. Raul Serrano
There are some days we wake up and we are overwhelmed by what is on the calendar for today. Whether you have back to back meetings, or a really hard conversation has to take place, your mood can be effected. Life isn’t easy and we are all looking for ways to cope and handle stress and anxiety. There are many ways to naturally boost your mood.

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