3 Hormones You Must Control for Weight Management

As a child, I had major gut issues. I could not keep food down and I would have episodes of blacking out. This pattern lasted for years, and after years of poor health and my latest diagnosis of hypoglycemia. The answer the doctor had to solve my issue was for me to walk around with a candy bar or juice to have on hand throughout the day to bring up my blood sugar level if and when my blood sugar dropped. I began to struggle with weight management. 2 years later… I became the most obese kid in my class.

There are so many products out there promoting weight loss; a shot of this, or a pill of that, all leaving us searching for a quick fix for our weight management issues. There are diets, fads and trends with every new season, but with most of these types of plans, they do not last because they are not getting to the main source of the problems. Yes, a person might lose weight, but the results might not stay and over the years it becomes harder to lose weight.

I want to share with you the 3 main hormones that you must learn how to regulate in order to lose weight, keep weight off, balance your sugar cravings throughout the day and take control of your weight management. The more you can understand how your body functions, the more you will know just what you need to do to ensure optimal function in every way.

Here are the 3 main hormones and the roles they play in weight management:

  1. Insulin – The Fat Storing Hormone. The hormone that takes your excess amount of
    energy, carbs, or sugar, and if it can’t use it, it stores it in fat cells.
  2. Leptin – The Fat Burning Hormone. This hormone burns fat for energy. When your
    insulin goes up (because we are eating too many sugars or carbs which turn into sugar
    quickly) leptin goes down. There is no control, and this is why we have moments during
    the day where our energy goes up and down.
  3. Ghrelin – The Hunger Hormone. This is the hormone that tells your brain you are
    hungry. This signals and yells at your brain “WE NEED FOOD”.
    The goal here with these hormones is to lower insulin and ghrelin and increase leptin. How do
    you do that?

Step 1 – Increase your fats, so that leptin will increase. Start eating those healthy fats such as
avocados and raw butter. Cook with olive oil and coconut oil.

Step 2 – Decrease the amounts of carbohydrates and sugar that you eat this will help lower and
stabilize insulin spikes.

Step 3 – Add healthy proteins. Proteins level out the field and they take longer to digest. This
will further stabilize ghrelin and also control insulin from spiking.

When it comes to our bodies, knowledge really is power, and understanding how your body
works in every way will give you power to reach the results you want. If you can manage these
simple changes you will begin to rebalance your hormones, you will lose the pounds, you will
stabilize your cravings throughout the day and have a successful weight management regimine.

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Dr. Raul Serrano