Did you know that Americans spend over 23 billion dollars celebrating Mother’s Day? Clearly we are not forgetting but why does it always feel like we are left wondering what to do for those special mothers in our lives every year? Like always, I want to motivate you, encourage you, and try to simplify things for you. 

Mothers are incredible. Whether we are talking about our moms, or our wives as mothers, there is nothing like a mother and nothing like the things she can do, the love she can give, and the power she contains in a simple hug or kiss. We want to honor these special women on this special day so I have come up with three of the best ways to make mama feel special. Every day should be special for them, but on Mother’s day, use one of these ways, or all three and go the extra mile to show her you love her and treasure her!

1. Reassure Her

We all have heard of the five love languages, and one of those is words of affirmation. Even if that is not a high priority, on Mother’s day expressing how much you love them and appreciate them through words is always appropriate. Words are a great way to honor her, and show her that you took the time to write something meaningful to fill her up. It could be a card, poem, or have the kids, if they are old enough, write down their top five favorite things about mama, it will fill her heart up and make her feel so special. 

2. Relieve Her of Her Duties

Moms are super heroes. No really, I can’t even wrap my head around all the things my wife does. She is busy, her schedule is full yet she still has the time to cook, clean, love on her kids, make lunches, do laundry, run errands, chase her dreams, support me, and spend quality time with me, and take care of herself. She blows me away. Nothing says, “I love you,” like her coming home to a clean house, laundry done and put away, and dinner made for her. Teaching the kids to do those little things without being asked. Galatians 5:13 says, “through love serve one another.” A beautiful way to love mom on Mother’s day is to serve her.

3. Remember Something She Loves

Whether it’s her favorite snacks, dinner, clothing or jewelry, remembering those little things that she loves is a special way to adorn her and shower her with love on Mother’s day. More than the material possession, it is about showing her that you remembered she was wanting something, or that you thought of her when you saw that necklace in the store. That will mean more to her than the actual thing, that’s what gives that thing meaning. Maybe it’s creating a photo album of picture of the family over the years. Take time to remember her and the little or big things she loves. 

I hope this helps you plan for Mother’s day. Try to remember one of these R’s (Reassure, Relieve, and Remember) or all 3. You will honor her and make her feel so special on her day!