Activated charcoal is a natural substance that is used to trap toxins and release them from the body. Charcoal does not absorb the toxins rather it adsorbs them. Let me explain.

Adsorption is the process of chemicals binding to a surface.  Charcoal has tiny little pores and the chemicals get stuck in all of those spaces then they are able to be released from the body rather than the body absorbing them. Activated charcoal creates a negative electric charge so toxins that have a positive electric charge stick to them. This allows the body to flush the toxins out and not allow them to be reabsorb. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Before we go on to share the top five uses I want to highly suggest always drinking extra amounts of water when using activated charcoal. Charcoal is such a strong substance that it can cause dehydration. Water also works with the charcoal helping the body flush out toxins more quickly.

Top 5 Charcoal Uses

1. Whitens Teeth

Activated charcoal changes the pH balance in your mouth, fights cavities, bad breath and whitens teeth. So how does it whiten your teeth? The charcoal adsorbs to the plague in your mouth and the stains on your teeth. For best results for whiter teeth use charcoal two to three times a week. It’s all natural solution for that white smile you have always wanted.

2. Digestive Health

There are many environmental toxins that we come into contact with everyday such as pesticides on food and chemicals in our water.  It is very important to keep the GI tract healthy because having a healthy gut is the start of having an overall healthy body. Activated charcoal helps build a healthy digestive system by removing toxins that cause damage, allergies, disease, and poor immune function.

3. Cleaning the Air

Charcoal’s porous structure is great for removing allergens, odors and pollutants from the air. Many products that are used for purifying the air are now being created with activated charcoal. After using an activated charcoal ingredient to clean the air, using essential oils instead of candles or scented plug-ins is the safest and most healthy form of air freshening.

4. Anti-Aging

Aging is a part of life, but to prevent premature aging activated charcoal is your new go-to! It is so powerful it can help the body flush out all of the toxins and chemicals that we come into contact with. It is important to detox your body regularly, especially the liver. Activated charcoal can be used to prevent cellular damage to the kidneys and the liver. It also helps with cleansing the adrenal glands which is very important to hormonal balance.

5. Skin Care Routine

Activated charcoal doesn’t just help your body internally, but it also supports your biggest organ, your SKIN! Activated charcoal is popping up in many body washes, body scrubs, face moisturizers, makeup and face masks. It works by pulling bacteria, toxins, dirt and chemicals to the surface of your skin. It can also help with acne, body odor and insect bites.