Detoxification is one of those topics that you can find a lot of information about, but it leaves you wondering what is the best way to do this? I will give you all of the tools as to how to detox but first I want to talk about the why.  Trust me, this is important. Your whole body will thank you.

But before we can go into detox you must be able to understand Bioaccumulation. This is the key to a proper and strong detox. This is one of those topics that affects every single cell in the body. It’s one of those sneaky things that is hurting us and accumulating in us, and if not addressed, it can lead down a road of disease. Bioaccumulation can be the source behind your gut issues, your head aches, and your skin troubles. This is a big reason people struggle with their energy, sleep and focus. 

So I am going to explain what bioaccumulation is and why it is important. And then I will give you five easy ways to naturally detox your body. Because that is the answer to solving this problem. And no, this is not a diet; these are simple lifestyle changes that can keep your body healthy and strong. This is a huge step in our REBOOT program. So many of us want to change the way we eat and the lifestyles that we live, and a huge step in doing this is to go through our 14-day reboot! The Reboot gives your body the reset that you need, and the results that you are craving. And it doesn’t matter where you are on your health journey, this is something you can accomplish. 

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What is Bioaccumulation?

Bioaccumulation is the accumulation of substances such as pesticides, chemicals and other toxins at a very fast rate. And when the rate of toxins being absorbed is greater than the rate of expelling them the risk of poison increases. So, let me explain this in my favorite analogy. If your body was a bucket, you fill it up everyday. You fill it up with what you eat and drink, with what you breathe in and with what you put on your body. You fill it up with things you choose and with things outside of your control. And over time, the bucket will be so filled it will overflow. What happens when we are being exposed to so many toxins our bodies overflow and that is how diseases are formed, imbalances are found, and other issues throughout our bodies.

We must learn how to naturally detox ourselves so that our buckets do not get filled up with toxins and health issues are created. We need to learn what chemicals to avoid that are hiding in our house cleaners, dryer sheets and body care products. We need to eliminate the toxins we digest and naturally detox.

1. Drink Lemon Water

Lemons are packed full of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and copper. Lemon juices trigger the liver into producing bile which keeps everything moving smoothly throughout your body. It also encourages your body to slowly process the good stuff, so you are getting all of the nutrients from the foods you eat and naturally detoxing all of the bad. Lemon water also heals the body and refreshes your skin. They fight damage caused by free radicals and they help the body produce collagen. Lemon juices also naturally energize our bodies and enhance our mood. And one last thing, the pectin that is found in lemons helps you stay fuller longer which aids in weight loss. Pretty amazing that all of those benefits come from simply adding lemon to your water. 

2. Eat Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables can be found on almost every list of foods you should eat everyday! That’s because they are so good for you in so many ways, and one of those ways is to detox. Leafy green vegetables are also high in protein, fiber, iron and calcium. Adding them to your diet every day gives you all of these benefits plus is detoxes your skin, liver, kidneys and bladder. They clear inflammation, neutralize toxins, and they clear the blood and tissue of toxins as well. 

3. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal traps toxic chemicals within the body and flushes them out instead of the body absorbing them. It works through a process of adsorption. (not absorption) Adsorption is where chemicals bind to a surface. So when you use activated charcoal the chemicals bind to it and then flush out of your body. Pretty amazing! Whenever you use activated charcoal to naturally detox make sure you are drinking lots of water. It helps to flush out toxins and avoid dehydration. It also is good for whitening teeth and aiding in digestive issues. 

4. Carrots

Because carrots are rich in glutathione, carrots are one of the most powerfully detoxing vegetables. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that prevents damage from free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins. It also builds and repairs tissue and strengthens the immune system. Not only are carrots great for when you are doing a natural detox, but they are also high in vitamin A which have cardiovascular benefits and improve immune function. 


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