I took my kids to the playground in our neighborhood and had one of those moments where I just couldn’t believe how much energy they had. It’s as if they never run out. Climbing up the ladders to shoot down the slides over and over again, then turning around to beg me to play tag; I was exhausted watching them. But I loved it! It felt right, it felt like this is the way we are supposed to live. But the truth is most people are fighting fatigue on a daily basis.

They blame it on sleep or aging. And yes, as we get older we have less energy, but there are many factors that could be playing a part with your battle with fatigue. So how do I fight fatigue and win? How do I change my daily habits and get a hold of how I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally?

5 Ways to Fight Fatigue

1. Increase Physical Activity

An easy way to increase activity is to add HIIT workouts or Tabata style workouts to your weekly lifestyle. They only take 15-20 minutes, and they get your heart rate moving. They burn fat, tone muscle, and you will feel invigorated and energized afterwards. Working out releasing all of those “feel-good” hormones and it instantly boosts your immune system and your energy.

Here are a few simple and quick exercises to get you started.

Do this for 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off until you hit 10 min.

Day 1 – running in place / squats
Day 2 – burpees / sit ups
Day 3 – push ups / jump rope
Day 4 – chair dips / squat jumps
Day 5 – mountain climbers / plank
Day 6 – burpees / squats

2. Increase Water Intake

Water is the fastest and cheapest way to fight fatigue. Fatigue can be one of the first signs of dehydration, so it is a good thing to start with to fix your sleepiness. Research has show that 1-2 percent loss of water is enough to cause fatigue and drowsiness. Your heart has to work harder when you are dehydrated, and your body stars to become off balance. Because our bodies are made up of water (roughly 60%), and water supports every single cell in your body, it is one of the most important factors in your diet. If you get bored with the taste, try adding lemon, lime, or fruit infused water.

3. Manage Your Stress

Chronic stress plays a toll on your body. When cortisol levels stay high your body breaks down faster causing fatigue, brain fog, and overall exhaustion. There are many ways to support your stress levels. Essential oils have been proven to help with emotional support. Meditating and prayer time are incredible beneficial, as well as taking naps, and talking to loved ones or a professional.

4. Sleep More

Easier said than done, but getting better quality of sleep is one of the best and healthiest ways to fight fatigue. This comes down to habits. Learning when to turn it off: the tv, the phone, the lights. Our brains need a time to be still, and not be plugged in and stimulated 24-7. Create a bed time routine. Brush teeth, stretch, read a book and then lights are out by 10:00 pm. It will be an adjustment, but give it a week and your body will be forever grateful.

5. Diet and Eating Style

What we eat really matters. Food can become your medicine and your kitchen can be your pharmacy if you begin to see it that way. Eating more healthy wild caught fish can help fight fatigue because of all of those good omegas they contain. Eating smaller meals can also be helpful because it will steady your blood sugar levels. Making sure you are getting a lot of good quality protein will keep you full and your body stable which is key in fighting fatigue.