The idea of having a quick and healthy option is important and very helpful especially if you have a busy day or a fast pace lifestyle. But the hard truth is, not all protein bars are created equal! Some of them actually do more harm them good. It’s easy to look at the packaging and see the protein content and think that’s great for me, however the problem lies in what type of protein it is and how pure it is.  And how many ingredients does it have? This is just as important as it is with other foods, the bottom half of the label is much more important than the top half. Yes it is a positive if the sugar content is low but if it is sweetened with fake sugars like sucralose, you are hurting your body. Today we are breaking down my top favorite protein bars. These are clean and healthy, and are a great quick option. We try to avoid “quick” options as much as possible in our homes but when we do need them these four are the ones we choose.

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Healthiest Protein Bars

1. Perfect Bar

Also known as the original refrigerated protein bar, the list of ingredients in these bars are super clean. They use whole food protein and never rely on whey or soy. Twenty organic superfoods are found in every bar no matter the flavor, and they are only sweetened with organic honey or dates. They also have a kids bar now called “Perfect Kids” that have delicious flavors for your little ones filled with all of the good and none of the bad.

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2. Bullet Proof Bars

If you have heard of bullet proof coffee then you might love these bars. They are collagen filled protein bars that are very healthy for your body. Their mission at bullet proof is to help people perform better, think faster and live better so having these as an on-the-go boost are a great tool. Their products support the body fully including the nervous system and these bars are packed with protein and other super foods to keep you full and sustain you throughout the day.

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3. Lara Bars

I love their slogan, “Food made from Food”. So simple and exactly how it should be. Their founder, Lara Merriken, started making these in her kitchen using her friends as guinea pigs, quickly the product became nationally known. They are dairy free and gluten free and are made entirely of plant based foods. Even the chocolate chips, when included in the bars are made specially for lara bars and they are certified vegan.

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4. Maximized Living Bars

These bars are not only delicious but full of protein and many essential vitamins and minerals. They are dairy and gluten free and also certified organic. They are made to be treated like fresh produce and not a dried good, so storing them in a cool dry place is essential, or even the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

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