It was five years ago when I heard God speak to me about my mission. At the close of a bible study my wife and I attended, the group of twelve asked for prayers. Each person came forward with his or her request. We said prayers for Aunt Betty who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, prayers for another who recently had a stint put in his heart, and prayers for God’s peace and healing for Julie who had been fighting cancer and suffering with the effects of chemo and radiation. Every person in that group had a personal challenge with health or a close relative battling disease.

That particular night, sleep was difficult. I tossed and turned, still unsettled in my heart. While the prayer requests varied for each individual, they were all similar in that they were based on illness, disease or pain that someone was experiencing. I found myself baffled and confused –  How can this be what God wants for His people?

It was at this time when I heard God speak to me. Very clearly, he asked, “What are you going to do about it?”

God ignited a fire in my heart that night and the vision for Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness was born. After a few years and many prayers later, we are now in our third year at our Palm Harbor location.

Our mission to see families and communities around Tampa Bay transformed has taken root. Hundreds of families have walked through our doors at Ignite Chiropractic & Wellness and have heard the truth about health and healing – many hearing it for the first time! Spreading the message through the words on our wall or the shirts that we wear enlightens people more and more each day about what we stand for.


We Ignite…Hope. Healing. Restoration.


Hope.  Teaching the truth about health and healing allows people to find hope and be free!


Healing. Creating a healthy environment in which healing can occur spiritually, mentally and physically.  


Restoration. Restoring lives does not result from our office or procedures or even us, but from the teaching of the true source of healing – GOD!


Ignite family, I personally thank you for your commitment to health, to always seeking truth and for being part of the mission to transform our community.



Dr. Raul Serrano