Lemon essential oil is one of the most used oils in natural medicine. It has been used to treat many health conditions for hundreds of years. It stimulates while calming the body and can treat illnesses like fever, headaches, and infections. Yet, at the same time, it can increase your mood, concentration and cognitive function.

Lemon essential oil can be used in every room of your house. In the laundry room on your dryer balls to give your laundry a fresh scent. It can be used in the kitchen in your water, and any recipe that calls for lemon. It can be diffused for an air freshener, and you can use it in the bathroom as part of your skin care routine. I have gathered the top ten best uses for this power packed oil for you to enjoy.

What is Lemon Essential Oil?

Scientifically known as Citrus limon, lemon is a flowering plant that is part of the Rutaceae family. The essential oil is made from cold-pressing lemon rinds, and it takes almost 3,000 lemons to get 1 kilo of lemon essential oil.(1) Lemon plants can be found all over the world, and the essential oil contains about 68% of powerful antioxidants that can be used from removing stains to healing many health conditions.

Lemon oil is very popular because of it’s refreshing and calming scent, along with its’ many purifying properties. This essential oil can be taken internally, applied topically, and diffused. It is very versatile in the way it can be used and in the many benefits you can receive. Here are the top ten uses and benefits that we found

Top 10 Uses and Benefits

1. Improves Digestion

Lemon oil is high in d-Limonene which is a natural agent that helps the body rid itself of toxins. Terpenine supports the liver and kidneys in expelling toxins as well. Basically, lemon essential oil helps the body’s digestive system and the removal of waste run much more smoothly. It also helps relieve symptoms like heartburn, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

2. Skincare

Lemon essential oil can heal acne and nourish damaged skin cells. It is detoxifying in nature and it revitalizes tired looking skin. It is also a natural exfoliator and helps oily skin the best. If your skin is dry you might want to be cautious as it might over dry your skin. One of the main ingredients in lemon essential oil is Vitamin C. Studies have found that vitamin C can help reduce the signs of aging thanks to the high levels of antioxidants. Vitamin C also boosts collagen levels, giving your skin a more radiant, glowing appearance.

3. Relieving Colds and Flu

Lemon is an energizing essential oil and it is great for relieving fevers and for treating colds. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps not only to fight the cold but to ease the symptoms that come along with it as well. Diffusing lemon essential oil and breathing it in will help ease congestion and coughs. You can also make a roller blend and massage it onto the chest for relief as well.

4. Boost Immune System

This one goes with number three, but lemon essential oil is wonderful for boosting your immune system. It kills bacteria and supports your overall lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning the body of the bad germs so that your cells can function properly. Some call this essential oil a lymph tonic as it helps remove cellular waste.

5. Oral Health

Lemon helps in killing the bacteria in the mouth and healing gum recession and tooth decay. It also encourages tissue growth, so if there are places in your mouth where there has been damage, lemon essential oil can reverse that. Because of it’s antiseptic properties it not only strengthens the overall health of your gums but it can whiten your teeth as well.

6. Laundry

For those moments where you leave your laundry sitting in the washing machine too long…oh is that just me? Add a few drops to your laundry before drying and you will avoid having that wet musty smell. You can also put a few drops on your dryer balls to give your clothes a fresh scent.

7. Kitchen Appliances

Use on wood cutting boards to kill any bacteria that has been left from raw meet or vegetables and fruit. You can also add lemon essential oil with vinegar to clean any countertop surfaces or tabletops. It is safe to use around children and where food is served. This is a much better option than many store bought cleaners that are filled with toxic and harmful chemicals.

8. Hair and Scalp Health

Lemon is amazing for getting rid of dandruff. Lemon is full of cleansing agents and has anti-fungal properties that can also heal scalp infections. If you ever need to remove hair color naturally, lemon essential oil is one of your best tools. 

9. Relieves Anxiety and Boosting Mood

A study released in 20 revealed that rats exposed to the odor of lemon essential oil had reduced levels of corticosterone (a type of stress hormone). Another study was conducted on 56 healthy men and women and they found that inhaling lemon essential oil was more powerful in boosting mood than lavender. 

10. Nausea

A natural way to relieve nausea or morning sickness is lemon essential oil. In 2014, a study was conducted on 100 pregnant women. One group inhaled lemon essential oil when they felt nauseous and the other group inhaled almond oil. The level of nausea decreased in both groups, however there was a more significant decrease in the group that had lemon essential oil thus proving it more effective. Ginger and are also used to reduce nausea but add lemon to the list because it can be very effective. 


Buy a lemon and begin adding it to your water to get some natural boost for energy, digestion and immune system health.
Look for lemon in ingredients in body care, cleaning products, or recipes.
Buy a pure grade lemon essential oil and begin using it for three or more from the list above.