What is Weight Loss Resistance?

I want to explain weight loss resistance in a story, and this story is about a woman named Amber.  Amber gained 18 lbs. after her second child birth. A few years after the child was born she decided to get rid of the weight gain. So she committed to getting back in the gym, everyday doing cardio and weight training. The weeks go by and she had only lost four pounds. She was frustrated and feeling very stuck. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t lose the weight, she was doing everything right and was working very hard. What she didn’t know was that she had weight loss resistance.

Weight loss resistance is when your body is unable to send the right signals to your brain to trigger your body to burn fat for energy. And the car that sends these messages to your brain are your hormones. When it came to Amber’s situation, the Leptin hormone was not communicating properly in her body. So, hormones can stop you from losing weight? Yes they can. 

How Do Hormones Work in the Body?

It is a lot like the lock and key arrangement. If i want to get into my house I use the front door key and every time without fail it works. This is the same way that hormones work in our bodies. Our hormones are the keys and all throughout our bodies we have hormone receptor sites. So in this analogy, leptin is the key and the lock is the hormone receptor site.

Leptin is a hormone that regulates fat storage in the body, so it is pretty important when it comes to losing weight. Leptin travels to your brain to your hypothalamus. In the hypothalamus there are “locks” or receptor sites. Leptin was sent to your receptor site and it tells your body to burn fat for energy. Unfortunately, what we see too often is that the pattern is interrupted. This happens in more than just the leptin hormone. It’s like something has been put in the lock. (Like a tooth pick broke inside and you can’t get your key in.) This can happen in your body. The receptor site is damaged, and because it is damaged it leads to weight loss resistance. 

Two Reasons it is Blocked:

  1. Potential toxins that have damaged or connected to these receptor sites and now leptin cannot communicate properly
  2. Too much sugar in the body which is causing imbalance and an unstable internal environment.

So learning that these receptor sites can be damaged can sound scary and overwhelming. And the question we should ask ourselves is can the receptor sites be healed? Can we regain this? The answer is YES! Your body has an amazing healing power inside of it. It was created to be able to heal itself from the inside out, and the way the body heals is simply by removing the interference!

How Can You Beat Weight Loss Resistance?

The great new is, there is a process, and does not require super-human discipline or hours on a treadmill! It is actually quite simple and in my office we see incredible results after just 2 weeks.

I call it the Remove-Rebuild process where we remove foods that cause interference and we rebuild the cell membranes and cell receptor sites by adding in the nutrients that the body needs to heal. It isn’t complicated, but it does require following some specific steps.

In my office it’s known as The 14 Day REBOOTand we all do it together 4 times per year. It’s the the most effective system to combat weight loss resistance and I have compiled all the science, tips and tricks I have discovered over the last 10 years into an easy to follow system. The results and success stories that I hear each quarter never cease to amaze me. 

We wanted to make it simple to access for my patients any time they want, so we built it into an online program and now I’m sharing it with people outside my office so we can have an even greater impact on people’s health and lives. Find out more at the14dayreboot.com

The 14 Day REBOOT helps the body heal the two main causes of weight loss resistance, and not only does it heal the causes, it rebalances the leptin hormone and all the other hormones, and detoxes your entire body. It is like hitting the reset button on your computer. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start, a reboot. 

Oh yeah and the end of the story? Well Amber came into the office and we put together a game plan and started her on the 14 Day Reboot. In two and a half weeks she ended up losing 11lbs and she learned the strategies and tools to make this her new lifestyle, and not just another fad. She now has the knowledge and power to give her body exactly what it needs!


The 14 Day REBOOT