Diabetes is an epidemic that is spreading through our country, destroying our health and damaging our economy.

The CDC states that by 2050 1 in 3 Americans will have Type 2 Diabetes. When you go online to find information and resources I was shocked at what I found. The answers to the questions you have been asking are far from the truth. In fact,  the information you are being given is a lie. In this article I am going to break down the top questions diabetics have about this disease. I am here to tell the truth, the real truth and give real hope, because believe me when I say this…you can be freed from this disease!

Here are the top 10 questions:

1. What should my fasting blood sugar glucose be? 

The goal here is to know your numbers. Whether you are diabetic or not, it is good to know your fasting blood glucose. It’s best to take that in the morning. The optimal number is between 83-85. Be aware of the Dawn Effect and if it does increase your number, take it again before dinner and compare those 2 numbers. The most important numbers are your postprandial numbers. These let you know how well you are regulating your sugars.  Take a measure before you eat and then wait a few hours after you eat and re-take the test. The numbers should be the same, or not spike too much. Sometimes different foods, can be healthy, but they can effect you in the wrong way, so this will help you know exactly what your body needs.

2. Do I have to be on medication for the rest of my life? 

No way! There is hope! You just have to learn how to control your numbers. You can conquer diabetes and I actually created a whole protocol that has helped thousands of patients do just that. That protocol worked so well it became the core process that I use in my offices called The 14 Day Reboot. It is based on a study done by Loma Linda University in the Marshall Islands that demonstrated the ability to reverse Type II Diabetes in just 2 weeks.

3. What other biomarkers should I know? 

There are 3 specific markers you should be looking at:

    1. Triglycerides – Fat in the blood used for energy – too much sugar in your blood and your
      liver begins to elevate your triglycerides so your body can use them for energy or store
      them as fat. This can lead to heart disease and other side effects.
    2. CRP (C-Reactive Protein) – Protein that is release when there is inflammation. (typically an
      acute inflammatory marker

ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)– how quickly the blood separates from the plasma. This helps in knowing if there is a more chronic inflammation issue. There are different types of tests to help uncover the route cause of the problem.

4.  Why do my legs hurt when I walk?

As you begin to walk, your legs need more blood flow to work. PAD (Periphereal Artery Disease) The arteries in the extremeties can be damaged so it is harder for your body to get down to your legs. This is why diabetics have amputations and that they don’t heal quickly. But this can be reversed and can be stopped from progressing.

5.  Why is weight loss so important? 

When we have too much fat, it increases your insulin usage, and your VAT, visceral fat, puts pressure on your organs and causes inflammation. Research shows that a 10-15lb reduction in rate will have a dramatic affect on your health.

6.  Can diabetes be delayed or prevented? 

Absolutely! I have seen this with my patients, they come in living with diabetes for years. We set them up on a diabetes program and after a few weeks they begin to reverse the disease. You were not born with diabetes, you can defeat diabetes.

7.  Best foods to eat? 

The key here is to infuse your body with good, healthy fats. (watch this video for more information) Low sugar or low glycemic foods. These are foods that are not going to spike your insulin. You also must eat good, quality proteins such as grass fed, cage free, free range, and wild caught. These foods will help you conquer type 2 diabetes.

8. Do I have to take insulin? 

No. Insulin manages diabetes, but we are here to conquer it. So, no you do not need to take insulin, I want to give you the tools to actually beat this disease, not manage it.

9. What supplements should I take? 

These 4 supplements that you can take as a lifestyle that will help you conquer diabetes and your body will begin to function better overall.

    1. Liver Detox Why? Your liver is your main organ that stores your sugar, and if this organ is not supported your body’s ability to break down sugar will break down. The liver is a key component for diabetics.
    2. Good high quality Omega Why? They decrease inflammation and they support healthy cells.
    3. Turmeric. It is one of the highest inflammatory supplements you can take.
    4. Good sourced protein powder. We recommend our diabetic patients replacing one of their meals with a protein shake.

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10. Can I really reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

YES!! You can absolutely conquer this. I have worked with 100’s of patients that have gone from managing type II diabetes to completely defeating the disease. There are testimonies on my website of people that were in your shoes that are now free, healthy and whole. So my encouragement to you is that this disease is in your control and if you choose to, you can reverse the
damage and conquer Type 2 Diabetes. Click Here for a few options to get started.